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Ortre Smith #SpursUp

This is a HUGE commitment out of Wando South Carolina for the Gamecocks.  Not only did SC pick up the #1 prospect in South Carolina, but they also picked up a potential game-changing playmaker.   Don’t look now, but Coach Boom is building an offense.  What? Will Muschamp with an offense? This has the signs of a program on the rise.  We are all familiar with Muschamp’s defense, but he has never been able to put together an offense.  If he is able to assemble a formidable offense along with his notoriously stout defense, look out SEC.

Let’s look at Ortre for a second.  Smith is a 6-3 215 pound monster with speed and jump ball ability.  Is he someone who could instantly improve a team alone? Yes.  However, he doesn’t have to.  The Gamecocks have also picked up another 4-star wideout in Shi Smith.   Normally, that would be plenty to be excited about, but remember Bryan Edwards? When is the last time SC has had 3 4-star WRs on the roster at once?  If Brandon Mc. and Bentley can develop, we could be talking about the beginning of another 11 win season run.

The Miss. St. game was a letdown and this season may be in trouble, but this is no surprise.  The future at SC is bright and Coach Boom and Co. can recruit with the best of them.  Sit down and buckle up boys, it’s time for a wild ride.

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