Shoutout To Coach T Rob

I wanted to take a quick sec to give a shoutout to coach T-Rob.  A team is only as good as it’s players and the only way to get players is by recruiting.  When you are being recruited by SEC schools there really is little the separates the schools from each other as far as facilities and venues are concerned.  The promise of playing time usually comes at the cost of going to a top tier team.  Of course, tradition and location play a role, but in most recruiting battles, the teams are neck and neck.  What is the deciding factor?  Usually, the deciding factor is the coaching staff and more specifically the guy recruiting the player.  Players want to play for coaches that they can relate to.  They want to play for coaches that understand the grind and have either been where they want to go or at least know how to get there.  this is where T-Rob comes into play.

Travaris Robinson has filled a void that has been missing at USC for awhile.  In the past, it seems like the Gamecocks have relied on the name Spurrier and have neglected to actually go out and build relationships with local high schools and their players.  The new staff and T-Rob specifically has done a phenomenal job of building those relationships.  With the recent signing of Jamyest Williams, Robinson’s recruiting ranking has climbed to 14th nationally and 9th in the SEC. (Read the article here)  This is huge and will continue to be huge for the Gamecocks for many years to come.

Thanks, T-Rob keep winning the battles behind the scenes so Carolina can take care of business on the big stage at Williams-Brice Stadium.



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