Jamyest Williams #SpursUp

Today Jamyest Williams (click here for his ESPN Bio) out of Loganville GA committed to the REAL USC, The University of South Carolina.  This commitment is HUGE and huge is an understatement.  Why is it huge?


  • Highly recruited prospect out of the heart of SEC country
  • This dude turned down UGA, Alabama, Tenn, and Clemson (Thankya Jesus)
  • He is the highest rated prospect to commit to USC since 2009 (Stephon Gilmore another great corner)
  • The last few years we’ve seen a steady decline on the defensive side of the ball


This guy can really be a game changer on the defensive side of the ball and will the help of Coach Boom and Coach Robinson, Jamyest is destined for greatness.  Now, I’m a huge Gamecock fan and obviously I want the best talent to come to USC for selfish reasons, but in the case of Williams, I think the fit is perfect for him.  Here’s why.


  • He will have a chance to start right away
  • He will play against the best talent in the country
  • Coach Boom and Coach Robinson have proven time and time again they are elite coaches especially in the secondary.


All in all, the Gamecocks are on the rise and Jamyest is a huge reason for this.

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