Ortre Smith #SpursUp

This is a HUGE commitment out of Wando South Carolina for the Gamecocks.  Not only did SC pick up the #1 prospect in South Carolina, but they also picked up a potential game-changing playmaker.   Don’t look now, but Coach Boom is building an offense.  What? Will Muschamp with an offense? This has the signs of a program on the rise.  We are all familiar with Muschamp’s defense, but he has never been able to put together an offense.  If he is able to assemble a formidable offense along with his notoriously stout defense, look out SEC.

Let’s look at Ortre for a second.  Smith is a 6-3 215 pound monster with speed and jump ball ability.  Is he someone who could instantly improve a team alone? Yes.  However, he doesn’t have to.  The Gamecocks have also picked up another 4-star wideout in Shi Smith.   Normally, that would be plenty to be excited about, but remember Bryan Edwards? When is the last time SC has had 3 4-star WRs on the roster at once?  If Brandon Mc. and Bentley can develop, we could be talking about the beginning of another 11 win season run.

The Miss. St. game was a letdown and this season may be in trouble, but this is no surprise.  The future at SC is bright and Coach Boom and Co. can recruit with the best of them.  Sit down and buckle up boys, it’s time for a wild ride.

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Diamond In The Rough?

Shout out to Davonne Bowen for finally getting the recognition he deserves.  As of last week, he was rated as the worst player on the commitment list  for the South Carolina Gamecocks.  This week, he has joined the ranks of the 4-star recruits that litter the Carolina recruiting class.  This guy is a potential monster in the making at USC.  He was clocked as running a 4.6 40 yard dash and a 10.8 100 yard dash.  Those are elite numbers at a position that the Gamecocks will be hurting at next year.  Think how good this kid could be if he was able to learn from Skai Moore.  South Carolina is quietly building a defense that could be feared in the SEC and across the country.  I’m a bit old fashion due to the fact that I LOVE a great defense more so than a great offense.  There is a reason the saying “defense wins championships” exists.  It is true and has been proven time and time again.

Let me take the time to say welcome Davonne and congratulations on finally getting the respect you deserve nationwide.  You have the potential to go down as one of the greats at the University of South Carolina

Also, let’s take a minute to give credit where credit is due.  Coach Boom and his staff have come in with the mission of bringing talent back to USC and they are making it look easy.  Coming off a 3 win season and recruiting like this is unheard of at the University.  The coaching side of things is still in doubt even after the Vandy win, but no one can doubt his ability to recruit.

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Kyshaun Bryan Profile

Alright guys because I just started this blog, i have to catch up on the recruits that are a part of the 2017 class.  Unfortunately, I missed when a lot of the guys first committed so I decided to go back and profile the players.

First up, we have Kyshaun Bryan out of Ft. Lauderdale FL.  Like many of the guys USC has committed so far, Kyshaun Bryan was a little under the radar.  This guy is a solid back at 5-11 185 and is pretty quick on his feet.  What I love most about this guy is his toughness and desire to go out and play football.  That seems to be a growing trend around Columbia.  Coach Boom is going out and getting players who just love playing the game and can match his passion and intensity.  Naturally, Kyshaun fit the mold.

Currently, USC has a young backfield and AJ Turner expected to get the nod over David Williams, but youth is something that is too often taken for granted in college football.  Good players only stay three years so a young backfield doesn’t last as long as you might think.  I say, the more the better and welcome aboard Kyshaun.

(Side note I was just down in the West Palm Beach area right outside of Ft. Lauderdale and a buddy of mine hooked me up with a West Palm Beach Party Bus . If you guys are ever in the area, I recommend checking out his website)

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Shoutout To Coach T Rob

I wanted to take a quick sec to give a shoutout to coach T-Rob.  A team is only as good as it’s players and the only way to get players is by recruiting.  When you are being recruited by SEC schools there really is little the separates the schools from each other as far as facilities and venues are concerned.  The promise of playing time usually comes at the cost of going to a top tier team.  Of course, tradition and location play a role, but in most recruiting battles, the teams are neck and neck.  What is the deciding factor?  Usually, the deciding factor is the coaching staff and more specifically the guy recruiting the player.  Players want to play for coaches that they can relate to.  They want to play for coaches that understand the grind and have either been where they want to go or at least know how to get there.  this is where T-Rob comes into play.

Travaris Robinson has filled a void that has been missing at USC for awhile.  In the past, it seems like the Gamecocks have relied on the name Spurrier and have neglected to actually go out and build relationships with local high schools and their players.  The new staff and T-Rob specifically has done a phenomenal job of building those relationships.  With the recent signing of Jamyest Williams, Robinson’s recruiting ranking has climbed to 14th nationally and 9th in the SEC. (Read the article here)  This is huge and will continue to be huge for the Gamecocks for many years to come.

Thanks, T-Rob keep winning the battles behind the scenes so Carolina can take care of business on the big stage at Williams-Brice Stadium.



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Jamyest Williams #SpursUp

Today Jamyest Williams (click here for his ESPN Bio) out of Loganville GA committed to the REAL USC, The University of South Carolina.  This commitment is HUGE and huge is an understatement.  Why is it huge?


  • Highly recruited prospect out of the heart of SEC country
  • This dude turned down UGA, Alabama, Tenn, and Clemson (Thankya Jesus)
  • He is the highest rated prospect to commit to USC since 2009 (Stephon Gilmore another great corner)
  • The last few years we’ve seen a steady decline on the defensive side of the ball


This guy can really be a game changer on the defensive side of the ball and will the help of Coach Boom and Coach Robinson, Jamyest is destined for greatness.  Now, I’m a huge Gamecock fan and obviously I want the best talent to come to USC for selfish reasons, but in the case of Williams, I think the fit is perfect for him.  Here’s why.


  • He will have a chance to start right away
  • He will play against the best talent in the country
  • Coach Boom and Coach Robinson have proven time and time again they are elite coaches especially in the secondary.


All in all, the Gamecocks are on the rise and Jamyest is a huge reason for this.

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Welcome to Live Sports TV

Hi ya’ll.  Welcome to Live Sports TV.  This blog will be focused on covering the best live sporting events.  To be honest, this blog is primarily going to focus on SEC football.  Are you wondering why?  The reason is that SEC Football is by far the best conference and sport combination in this world.  Yea I said it.  Get over it and let’s begin. Just in case you;re wondering, our home page is here:  www.live-sportstv.com

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